Damn, it's been a while...

April 13, 2014
My last post was back in 2010, when I was still new to blogging and creating my own websites.

I've been occupied by school and other websites so much that I forgot about this website. I remembered about it when I started creating a website for Patapony.

So... I'm not sure what to put here. :P


June 19, 2010
Hi Guys!
Have You Subscribed To This Blog Yet?
If You Do, You Get The News In A Feed.

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Forum Now Open

May 12, 2010
Hi Guys.
We Have Just Finshed The Forum! You Can Nou Use It. Just Sign In With Your E-Mail And Your Ready.

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Welcome To The KN News

March 24, 2010
Welcome To The KN News!

The Place To Go For News About Kyle's Network.

Have Fun!

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